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Mario Buono / Professore I fascia - ordinario - SSD:  ICAR 13
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Mario Buono is director of International PHD in Design and Innovation. He has been vice president of the Department IDEAS – (Industrial Design Environment and History) and member of the Scientific Board of the Interdisciplianrty Center of Services – Ri.A.S. since 2005. He has held various positions such as Industrial Design Researcher, Phd doctorate, CNR fellowship researcher, architect, and scientific supervisor of several projects of applied research financed by PON and MIUR on product and design innovation aimed towards territory valorization. As Scientific supervisor he has worked on several internationalization research projects - Euromedsys e Euromedsys II; Pablo Picasso and the design of ceramics in the artistic production of the Mediterranean, financed by MIUR, in the framework of Italy – Spain Integrated Actions. He has participated in, organized and promoted design related exhibitions and meetings. He is scientific coordinator of the 3 yr industrial project financed by MIUR, Fondo Agevolazioni per la Ricerca - FAR (Research Relief funds) allocated to the new generation of pre-fabricated systems of eco-orientated constructions; he is scientific coordinator of the industrial project Fotofun financed by the Ministry of Productive Actions, the results of which were partially published in Design Research Maps – Prospects of university research in Italy 2003-2007 by Paola Bertola, Stefano Maffei. The search has brought, besides, to the attainment of the brevets for industrial invention and to the multiple community models of the projected tiles, denominated "Diamond dual tile PV" and "mono Diamond tile PV."
He is scientific coordinator of the industrial research project Development and Industrialization of a structural system TENSEGRIY for the realization of large lighting fixture covers, financed by the Ministry of Productive Actions; he is scientific coordinator the Department IDEAS of the project Innovative auxiliary system for the interaction of the physically disabled with computer graphic software financed by MIUR in the framework of the project “New technologies and the Handicapped – Research projects for innovation. He promoted, organized and coordinated several workshops on design: he was project manager for the 1st International Workshop Communicating with industrial areas in the Campania region – new tools for visibility and communication for the Industrial district of Sant’Agata de’Goti – Casapulla; he coordinated the workshop “Illywords” under the topic “ the beautiful and well made” in collaboration with the students from the Faculty of Architecture of the Seconda Università di Napoli and with the Italian firm Illycaffé; he coordinated the workshop “Scriptures from John 2006” with the subject ”Casablanca” in collaboration with the students from the Faculty of Architecture of the Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli. He organized and promoted the international workshop HabitatMed in the frame work of the Research Project Euromedsys II, at the l’Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts de Sousse (Tunisia).
At the present, he combines his research activity on product innovation with his didactic activities teaching Design for innovation at the Laboratory of design of product innovation and industrial design, specialistic projects and product management for industrial areas. His papers have been published in various journals such as “Costruire in Laterizio”; “Abitare”; “l’Arca”; “Bioarchitettura”; “Il Messaggero”.
His published papers include: Architettura del vento - Design e tecnologie per il raffrescamento passivo, Clean Edizioni, Napoli 2008; HabitatMed - cooperazione, contaminazione e cultura materiale come veicoli di sviluppo, (con G. Lotti), Lucianoeditore, Napoli 2005; HabitatMed II - design tra le due rive, (con G. Lotti), in press, Luciano editore.